Review: Benefit – They’re real! mascara

They're real 1Hi ! Today I am going to do yet another review. As already mentioned in my previous post (click here to see it), Luxembourg’s weather is very greyish, which means that it is very difficult to take beautiful photographs especially ones that emphasize make up. I don’t have professional lightening so I work with what I have: day light. Sometimes the weather looks promising but then, while I am putting on my makeup, the weather changes and compromises the quality of the photographs. That is why I have decided to do another review.

The product I want to talk about today is one of the mascaras most of the beauty gurus have been talking about lately: the Benefit They’re real mascara – beyond mascara. It is not the most recent mascara out there, but it has risen to (more) fame lately. I was curious about it so I decided to go to the nearest Sephora and buy it. This mascara is said to elongate the lashes and make them appear as fake ones though in reality, “They’re real”- as the slogan says. Now let’s see if this is true!

They're real 2Firstly, the mascara comes in a metallic similar packaging. It contains 8,5 gr of product and costs € 24. If I compare it to Maybelline’s Volum’ Express® The Falsies™ Washable Mascara who’s formula is more sticky, dry and not so shiny, I’d say that the substance of it is rather creamy and makes the application of the product on the lashes very easy. It literally glides on the lashes without making them clumpy. You can also notice this, when you take the comb out of the tube; there is no extra product on the comb which you need to remove except for the end. Now the particularity of this mascara is precisely this very comb.

They're real 3
The comb with a dome-shaped end.


It might appear as simple straight, with an alternation of rigid short and a little longer hair BUT what makes it so particular is that the end of the comb is dome-shaped. This makes the application of the mascara in the inner, but also the outer corner of the eye so much easy. In terms of practicality, it is by far the best mascara among the ones I have tried. I can put on mascara and cover every single lash of the eye. Hence the lashes look longer and the eye brighter. From what I have noticed, you can put on as many coats of mascara as you want, the lashes never get clumpy. But in general, I’d say that two coats are sufficient.

without mascara  one coat  two coats

This said my enthusiasm about this mascara is quite discrete. The mascara I use on a daily basis is the L’Oréal Volume One Millionslashes black excess mascara. In addition to make the lashes look longer, this mascara also makes them appear fuller wish is something that, in my opinion, They’re real does not. I have the feeling that the L’Oréal mascara literally gives the lashes volume (in terms of length and consistence).

Furthermore the removal of the mascara is quite bothering. My eye makeup removal is the L’Oréal Dermo-Expertise AbsoluteMake-Up Remover Eye and Lip which also removes waterproof and long lasting makeup. We all know how difficult it is to find a good makeup removal and I have tried so many over the years. This makeup removal I use is the best I have tried, but the Benefit They’re real mascara is the only one I am not able to remove. This wouldn’t of course be so bad, if it weren’t for my eyelids. I have mentioned in a couple of posts that I have a very sensitive skin. Now the fact of insisting on removing the mascara irritates my lids and then again, I haven’t removed it yet! This is a phenomenon I don’t have with other mascaras. After a couple of trials of removing the makeup, my lids start to get red and to ache a little. The next day, they are very dry. I am sure it is not due to the removal lotion as I have been using it for quite a long time. If the lids are irritated, I cannot of course wear makeup the other day.

I can of course only speak for myself, but, unless, the company decides to change something about the formula, I am unfortunately not going to repurchase this product again.

I hope this review was helpful. Do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Thank you for your time!

This product was purchased by me. I did not get any compensation for this article which reflects my very personal opinion based on my experience.

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