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mac-cosmetics-logoHi ! Today I am going to tell about my makeup lesson at M.A.C. Cosmetics which I took back in November.

Like any other makeup lover, I always wanted to take a makeup lesson with a professional, but since I have a job (that is not beauty related), I always thought I needed to go to a makeup school. Then I started looking on the internet which beauty institute offered makeup lessons per hour or at least in the evening. The Luxembourg based institutes were whether too expensive or not interesting enough for me.

Simultaneously I had contacted M.A.C. per email as I was inquiring about the fact that the label was not available in Luxembourg and if there was any particular reason. While I was waiting for M.A.C. to answer, one day I googled “M.A.C. makeup lessons in France” to find out that there was the possibility to take a makeup lesson at the brand’s counter. I googled France because I leave near the French border. I called without hesitation the closest M.A.C. counter I knew, which is the one at Galleries Printemps in Metz (France), to see if they too offered this and that is how I got my appointment for the next Thursday.

First of all, as this is not a post about a look in particular, I will not go through the list of products used. I will simply explain the process of a lesson and my experience at M.A.C. Cosmetics.

The classes, as already mentioned, are available at the M.A.C. counter at Galleries Printemps in Metz (I will put the entire address and phone number below) every Thursday and Friday.

Once you are there, the makeup artist asks you what you want to learn and the course is then focused on that very theme. Now as my skin is pain in the you know where, I obviously asked how to cover my discoloration and acne scars, the eye makeup being secondary to me. The mua explained that during the entire class, she’d apply the products on the right side of my face with the various explanations and techniques and I had to replicate it on my left side with the same methode. After that, she went through the counter to get the different products and came back with a series of primers and other products. She explained every single product and what is was good for. Every product put on my face was sanitized in my presence with alcohol (a plus!). Also, the brushes she used on me were clean. As I was sitting in front of the vanity, she put every product and every brush used on the vanity in the order of utilization.

Subsequently, she asked me what finish I was aiming for concerning the foundation: matte or sheer. My skin being oily in general (to say the least) I asked for a matte finish. She went back to the counter and returned with a foundation and the matching conceal products and powder. Again, she explained the difference between each products and a technique on how to apply foundation with a flat synthetic brush (I always use a buffing brush and lately the Beauty Blender), which movement to do and why. Once the skin was done, she asked me what I wanted to do on the eyes and asked me to go with her to choose the eyeshadows, mascara etc.

By the end of the lesson, she wrote done the products and brushes used on a face chart.

MAC Makeup lessonEach class last one hour and costs € 100. You might think it’s expensive, but once the class is over you can shop for that amount at the M.A.C. counter which means that, in the end, the class is for free. And to be honest, unless you buy brushes which are very pricy, with €100, you can buy a lot of products. The address of Galleries Printemps is 12-14, rue Serpenoise, F-57000 in Metz and the phone number 0033 3 87 18 84 32.

To summarize it, in my opinion it was a good experience. Not only did I learn a new technique on how to apply the foundation, but it was THE opportunity to become familiar with the M.A.C. cosmetics. As there are a variety of products and being a professional brand, it was really helpful to have a guide who explained the various products, especially if just like me, you are not a makeup artist. I like to know where I spend my money on and M.A.C. cosmetics being not the cheapest products, it was very helpful to have professional help. In my opinion, it was worth the money. I will definitely take (at least) another makeup lesson at.

I hope this was helpful! Thank you for your time!

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