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I get asked many times which are the best makeup removers to use. First of all, I’d like to say that there is no perfect product. What works for me won’t necessary work for you! I have tried so my products recommended to me over the years and it is only been a year now since I have found the ONES. I think that you have to try until you find the products that fit your skin best.

When it comes to eye makeup, I use L’Oréal’s makeup remover for eyes and lips. I discovered it after Spanish fashion blogger Isabel from posted over a year ago a picture on Instagram.

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This remover is actually for waterproof makeup which is something I rarely use. Nevertheless I now only swear by this. As you might see it in the picture, it has two liquids: a blue one on top and the white one below. If you want the product to work properly, you have to shake it until it becomes homogenic. After that, you put it on a cotton pad and you remove the makeup from the eyes. It says that it is oily which I doubt, first of all because the blue consistency is lighter than the white one and secondly (and most of all) because it feels oily on the skin. The positive thing is though that it is feels gentle, yet not greasy. I have very sensitive skin around that area and I can go over the eyes as many times as I want, it never irritates the lid.

It comes in a plastic flat bottle and has 125 ml. The price is about 5 € and it lasts good three months (even when often used). If you live in the Luxembourg area, you can buy it at Auchan, Cora or Cactus (I think Delhaize has it too).

Regarding the skin, I only trust Bioderma’s micelle solution for sensitive skin. This product is very know in the makeup industry. Micellar solution has been a true discover for me. For those who don’t know it, micellar water (or solution) takes its name from the micelles in it. These small particles, which trap impurities and mix it with the aqueous phase to be eliminated after. It has the freshness of water and the effectiveness of a cleansing oil, an alliance that removes oil, impurities and makeup without irritating the skin and without the need for rinsing.

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I always buy the big bottle of 500 ml and the small one, 100 ml for travel. I only buy this at the chemist’s that you find at City Concorde. They have by far a great variety of products and for very competitive prices. I paid this one exceptionally 9,99 €, but in general, it won’t cost you more than 12€ (compared to 18€ at a regular chemist’s).  Now I honestly have to say that I don’t really believe it, when they say that you don’t need to rinse your face. This is a personal thing, but I know my face is only clean when I wash it. And this takes us to the last product:

La-roche-posay gel

it is La Roche-Posay’s foaming gel. I discovered this through another Spanish blogger, The girl running this blog actually works at a chemist’s and knows a lot of things about skin care. If you are fluent in Spanish or if you at least read it, I highly recommend her blog.

As previously mentioned, I finish off with washing my face with this gel. Regarding this product, I won’t enter into detail, because I am preparing a post about skin care. I want to put it into details in that article because is it more suitable. Meanwhile, should you be interested, I buy it at the same chemist’s where I buy the micellar solution by Bioderma. Again, there is a price difference if you buy it anywhere else.

This is all for me for the moment. Thank you for your time!

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