L’Occitane en Provence & Pierre Hermé


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an excellent year’s end and that 2016 brings you all the best things!

A few weeks back, I was waiting in a shopping mall for two of my friends to arrive. Once the first arrived, we went to L’Occitane en Provence to wait for our other friend. Now I am sure everyone is familiar with the French beauty brand.

Although I knew the brand and the type of products they sold, I had never entered once any of their shops. My friend Jitka wanted to show me a perfume she used with jasmin as a main ingredient. While she was checking the other articles containing jasmin, I went to the opposite shelf where there were products in a green packaging. I took the first product that came across my hand which was a perfume and BAM! it happened. It was by far the most delicious smell that had ever come across my path. I looked on the packaging and surprise, surprise!, the ingredients used were non less than grapefruit and rhubarb! What an unexpected combination of flavors!

As L’Occitane explains it, they recently collaborated with French chef pâtissier Pierre Hermé, who is also known as the king of the macaroons. The aim of the collaboration was to create new scents by combining flavors one would never think of. L’Occitane says on their website that they have «come together to create a line of gourmand perfumes». Gourmand is the keyword if you want to explain the scent. It literally awakens

The perfume smells of course of citrus due to the grapefruit. I assume that the rhubarb give it its sweet touch. Other ingredients of the magic potion as I like to call it, are cloves and nutmeg, which I believe help find the correct balance between the citrus and the sweetness. Although the perfume reminds me of summer, the Mediterranean sea and my region Apulia, I think the perfume is still very proper for winter. When I bought it last week, I shows it for the first time on Snapchat where I said that it was like this that I imagined the smell of heaven. It truly is a discovery for me, in terms of the brand and the product itself.

The bottle has 75 ml for 64,- € if I remember correctly. Since there very also other products from the Pamplemousse rhubarbe collection, I decided to take a box containing the perfume (also 75 ml), a soap, a hand cream and a shower gel. The original price was of 69,50 € but with the discount of 10% on the collection, I paid the entire box 59,- €.

One negative note though is that the scent disappears a little bit to early if you ask me. It doesn’t last an entire day which is something that doesn’t happen with the other perfumes I have.

This article was a little bit different then what you are used to read. My blog is mainly about makeup and tips and tricks that go along with this theme, nevertheless I really wanted to share with you my gourmand discovery. It truly is an experience for your senses, olfactory poetry!

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed the post!


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